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Change of plans for Clarice’s Kitchen Garden, after 3 years of chickens and ducks we have decided to redesign their enclosure. Out have gone the hens and ducks, down have gone their enclosure. The raised vegetable beds remain, but different veg to be grown then the leeks and salad crops of last year. Spring onion and Onion sets come to mind, any suggestions appreciated. Bees should produce honey this year as it looks as though they have survived this winter. Not too sure about the replacement for the hens or ducks, pig and goats the mind boggles.

We decided to feed the bees today, Alex wore his complete suit and I just had the hat on. Removing the super box which was firmly stuck onto the brood box which was harder then I had anticipated. Consequently the bees had decided to fly everywhere, one bee fancied me and flew into my hat landing on my cheek, talking to me all the while. After our chat I removed my hat and the flew away. We both survived the ordeal.