The Badger Returns

BOOK GIFTS OFFERS 01929 422872 THE BADGER RETURNS 20/01/2017 I continued relaying the new pathways and adjusting the sleepers positioning for the edging. I managed to have a fire to burn all the old wood without upsetting the neighbours. [...]

Bees Awaken

BOOK GIFTS OFFERS 01929 422872 BEES AWAKEN 13/02/2017 Success! On checking the hive with Alex on Thursday, to our delight on this sunny day the bees were flying around the entrance. This looks as if they have survived the [...]

Rain Continues

BOOK GIFTS OFFERS 01929 422872 RAIN CONTINUES 06/02/2017 Uneventful week with the weather preventing any real work on the chicken enclosure or the vegetable plots, I'm still trying to work out where to store all surplus equipment, i.e metal [...]

Planning Ahead

BOOK GIFTS OFFERS 01929 422872 PLANNING AHEAD 30/01/2017 A relatively quiet week garden wise, bees seem quite content and the hive is in good condition. I am thinking about preparing my nucleus box for the spring just incase any [...]


BOOK GIFTS OFFERS 01929 422872 FOGGY 23/01/2017 Removed all posts from chicken enclosure, I managed to save all of them by removing the concrete at the ends so I could store them for future use. I've continued the winter dinging [...]

New Beginnings

BOOK GIFTS OFFERS 01929 422872 NEW BEGINNINGS 16/01/2017 Change of plans for Clarice’s Kitchen Garden, after 3 years of chickens and ducks we have decided to redesign their enclosure. Out have gone the hens and ducks, down have gone [...]

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